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Betsy Burke


In Ain’t It Cool News by Harry Knowles, Betsy was described as “…an inventive filmmaker on the verge of much bigger things… Keep your eye out for her!” Betsy has been a part of filmmaking for decades, from a start-up job at Lucas Film, to acting in micro to big budget films and television, a stint as part of the Quentin Tarantino entourage, and on to writing and directing films herself. Betsy fled LA and has been a resident and land owner in Madrid, New Mexico for ten years. She has since won four writing awards; two for screenwriting, one for fiction, and one for non-fiction. She just won her first award for Best Cinematography.

Enchanted by the vibrant local folklore, history of human struggle and triumph, as well as the austere beauty of her ghost town, Madrid, Betsy was compelled to write her latest screenplay: Season of Starlings. The script has been a finalist in three separate filmmaking competitions and has gotten nods from local film professionals.

Betsy has completed writing several other feature scripts, ranging from Sci-Fi to a suffragist drama set in 1900. Her TV script "The Eternals" was a finalist for the George RR Martin Science Fiction Screenwriter Grant.

Betsy has been a member in good standing of S.A.G., A.F.T.R.A., and A.E.A. for over 20 years, and has an extensive background in theater directing. She teaches a community yoga class in Madrid.

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Betsy Burke

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