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Ghost Town Filmmakers Outskirts 66 Madrid Film Club

Coal Gulch, New Mexico, 1973.

Rae, a naive 12 year old, lands in the ghost town of Coal Gulch, with her Ma, who is on the run from a violent man. Rae is greeted by spirits that only she can sense and sinks into a supernatural world. Scary Larry, a hulking misfit suspected of murdering children, has his eye on Rae. So do the ghost sisters who haunt her house, as well as a shamanistic elder and her grandson.

Rae explores the town with her new friend, Chelsey, 14. They exhume a dark mystery involving an abandoned young mother and baby. Rae alone has the compassion to try to rescue them from an impending tragedy. But when the violent man shows up, it is Rae that needs rescuing. Enlisted by her courageousness and pure heart, outcasts and spirits rally to her aid.

In this Madrid, New Mexico, independent ghost film, which explores the themes of domestic violence and defilement of the divine feminine beauty, the Mother Earth Spirit Gaia finds embodiment through the myth of La Llorona.

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